As an exercise, develop a brief
sketch showing the key elements of the Helping Triangle you might use to create
a human services agency. For this exercise, answer the questions below,
limiting your answer to each question to a paragraph. Here, a brief sketch will

What is the name of Your-New-Agency?

Who are the Potential Clients for Your-New-Agency;
why do they need human services?

Who will you recruit to join
you as Initiators for
Your-New-Agency; who will help you get and keep authorization for the agency
and why do you think they will help?

What entity will be
Your-New-Agency’s primary Authorizer;
what entity or organization do you expect to provide primary authorization,
auspices, and resources for the creation and operation of the agency and why do
you think it will support your initiative?

Who will be the Implementers for Your-New-Agency; which
people and organizations will be actively involved in the implementation phase
following authorization?

Once Your-New-Agency is opened,
who will be the Providers; who will
deliver the agency’s services and what other personnel resources will be needed
to operate the agency?

How will you assure
Your-New-Agency successfully connects with Potential
; what strategies will you use to make sure the people needing help
actually receive the help they need?