In this chapter, we followed a
very complex path from someone having difficulty coping with his life
issues to his becoming an agency client who is receiving services enabling him
to cope better. Concurrently, we saw a process starting with one person seeing
someone struggling to cope and wanting to help and then moving along the
Helping Triangle to the point where the person about whom they are concerned is
receiving helpful services. We saw a social action process move from initiation
through authorization to implementation. We saw the distress of a few people
prompt the development of a complex, dynamic, more or less unstable structure
intended to reduce the distress. We saw people helping people with the hope the
help offered truly helps. As we proceed through the rest of this book, my hope
is we can add depth and understanding to the processes introduced here and this
leads us to useful insights into human services agency excellence and to
improved strategies for better assuring the help we offer does indeed help the
people for whom we are responsible.