There are five guiding
principles agency Managers follow in order to successfully manage the internal
eco system. First, agency Managers NAME=”ehsm_OLE_LINK167″>, i.e. the purpose for which the agency exists. Only people who can
and do strictly adhere to this principle function as agency Managers. No
exceptions. No excuses.

Second, the Authorizers and
Implementers, with or without the collaborative involvement of agency
Management, NAME=”ehsm_OLE_LINK169″>representing restrictions and expectations with which the
agency must conform. It is the responsibility of agency Management to
understand and fully implement those policies, assure agency operations are in
compliance with the rules, and maintain the functioning of the internal eco
system in accord with the guidelines. The policies, rules, and guidelines do
not prescribe how agency Management will achieve these outcomes, only that the
outcomes will be achieved. No exceptions. No excuses.

The third guiding principle
requires agency Management to NAME=”ehsm_OLE_LINK171″>. Understanding and accepting this principle is
fundamental to successfully managing the internal eco system. Staff members are
autonomous organisms dynamically associating to form the internal eco system.
Management control of or interference with their functioning are
counterproductive with respect to the overall functioning of the internal eco
system. Agency Management maintains the internal eco system with a minimum of
administrative or bureaucratic control or interference. No exceptions. No

The fourth guiding principle
requires agency Management to NAME=”ehsm_OLE_LINK173″>NAME=”ehsm_OLE_LINK172″>provide clear, consistent direction assuring
each staff member knows and understands what is expected of him This
requires Managers to understand and be clear about how the inclusion of each
staff member contributes to the overall functioning of the internal eco system
and to the outcomes it achieves. They understand and clearly expect only
behavior and actions compatible with achieving those outcomes. Each staff
member then functions consistently with those expectations. No exceptions. No

The fifth guiding principle
requires agency Management to NAME=”ehsm_OLE_LINK175″>NAME=”ehsm_OLE_LINK174″>maximize Personal Control for each staff
member over his So long as the person’s functioning is consistently mission
focused and outcome seeking, agency Management assures maximum personal control
for him. It is important to emphasize that any Management imposed controls only
serve to assure the functioning of the internal eco system is consistent with
applicable governing policies, rules, and guidelines. Any controls not
exclusively supporting those outcomes are unnecessary, counterproductive, and
inappropriate. No exceptions. No excuses.