You undoubtedly know pretty is as pretty does and beauty is in the eye
of the beholder. Do you suppose someone also once said, “A robin won’t sit
on an empty nest,” or perhaps, “A moth isn’t drawn to a dampened
flame?” If so, it may have been Simon making another simple point.
“Attractiveness is a today thing.” The egg has to be there today to
tempt the robin; the flame must be burning brightly to attract the moth.

Inside Simon’s simple point are a couple of small but important
nuggets. Just as the moth is not attracted to the nest, egg or no egg, the
robin is not attracted to the flame, dampened or not. Like the moth and the
robin, different people are attracted to different things.

Within long-term relationships, there certainly needs to be an
attraction. Your task is to decide what that is, whether you want to be that
type of attraction, and if you do, how you stay attractive. Whatever the nature
of the relationship, attraction is the bond; and being attractive today is the
tie that binds.