In the short-term, “fun” usually does not matter much. Simon
spends time with this or that person and gives little thought to it one way or
the other. He certainly notices those who are particularly pleasant or
especially abrasive; but most people are merely there, doing whatever they do,
being whomever they are. In these relationships, Simon takes care not to be
unpleasant or abrasive himself; but “fun” is not a high priority. For
the long-haul, though, fun matters.

You know consistency and predictability matter but that could be a
good news/bad news kind of thing. Some rather weird people are consistent and
very predictable. They are always odd ducks. The same holds for people with no
feelings, bummed-out types who are in a chronic bad mood, those whose social
life consists of gossip and feeding the rumor mill, ME people for whom anything
is an excuse to talk about themselves, and on and on. These folks all raise
boring to gold metal status. Do you think it might be fair to conclude they
just are not any fun? Sure it is; and therein lies Simon’s point.