Sure, this point goes with the last one about flag management.
Whatever flag you wave when you are disappointed or do not get your way, Simon
is rather certain that it is not blue. If you are like most people, it is
usually red but might tend toward the black. Should yours happen to be blue at
times like that, it is possible that you are out of touch or just do not get
it. Some pouting or maybe even a very little temper tantrum are understandable
even if such behavior is slightly childish. Letting the small child who lives
within you out once in a while is okay. The only requirement is that you do not
let your inner child get out of hand.

Okay, you have expressed your disappointment and your significant
other now knows how you feel about not getting your way. If you have expressed
yourself responsibly and the childish side of you did not get carried away,
there is likely no harm done. Just do not press your luck. It is now time to
carefully and conscientiously listen and learn. Your good friend Simon says,
“Get over it.”