Which tator are you? 
It is easy to start analyzing ourselves and others in our families and
to take what happens personally.  A
better way to look at what goes on is to understand that people grow into
certain roles or styles and are usually just being whomever they are out of
habit or just because that is the way their personalities are.  They are jut being TATORS.  If we are able to understand this and accept
them for the TATOR they are, we will be a lot more comfortable.

Using a scale from five to one rate yourself in terms of how
frequently you are each of the following TATORS.  Five equals almost always, four equals
usually, three equals sometimes, two equals seldom, and one equals almost
never.  Once you have finished for
yourself, it will be fun to think about each of the other people in your family
and rate each family member in terms of how frequently he/she is a TATOR.

1. Agitator: Agi likes to keep things stirred up, find
fault, criticize, and make things seem worse than they really are.

2. Anitator: Ani likes to have the last word, always “gets
his/her two cents worth in,” and always has an opinion on everything and likes
to show others that he/she knows more than everyone else.

3. Commentator: Commen likes to be sure that everyone knows
everything that is going on, is in charge of gossip and “tattling,” and seems
to talk all the time even if no one wants to listen or if everyone already knew
about what is being said.

4. Dicktator: Dick likes to take charge, boss everyone
around, be the one who makes all the decisions, and generally be in charge of
everything whether or not it is his/her business or responsibility.

5. Gravitator: Gravi is pretty much of a “couch potatoe,”
always hanging around and there when others want a little privacy, and always
seems to be too tired to help out, do things, or get out of the way.

6. Hesitator: Hesi can never decide, always waits to see what
someone else’s opinion is and then uses that one, is very unsure of
himself/herself, goes out of the way not to offend anyone or get anyone upset,
and thinks that if he/she can please everyone all the time things will be okay.

7. Levitator: Levi thinks he/she is just a little better
than everyone else, is sort of above it all most of the time, seems like he/she
is looking down the nose at others, and feels pretty much superior to everyone

8. Meditator: Medi seems to take forever to do things because
he/she has to think everything over very carefully before doing something,
never wants to do anything quickly or on the spur of the moment because
anything worth doing is worth thinking through carefully, and is usually hard
to talk with because everything has to be analyzed and discussed in great

9. Militator: Mili is always on guard and ready to go to
war, will argue with anyone about anything anytime, never gives an inch, and is
ready to stand his/her ground with anyone who tries to take advantage or
confront him/her.

10. Precipitator: Precipi is one of those TATORS that is
able to get other people into arguments and then walk away, say or do things
that get others upset and then pretend like he/she is totally innocent, and
seems to get things messed up or stirred up without seeming to have started it
or without seeming to have been involved.

11. Spectator: Spec likes to stay on the sidelines and not
really get involved, simply watch or listen without really participating, and
just stays to himself/herself because that seems like the safest way of just
getting by without getting involved.

12. Facilitator: Facili does not mind being out of
alphabetical order because his/her job is to be helpful, to do things for other
people, to be there when others need him/her, and to stay away from things that
have to do with accepting responsibility, showing leadership, or running the
risk of being blamed for what is done or how things turn out.

13. Baby Sweetator: Baby Sweet is the kind of TATOR that is
always happy and cheerful no matter what, is too nice for anyone to get upset
with even if he/she does something that they should get upset about, cries or
has his/her feelings hurt very easily, and tries to get special treatment just
because he/she is so sweet, innocent, and not really responsible for anything
that happens that is bad or causes problems for others.